Caring For The Environment...

Our planet faces environmental challenges from common business practices everyday, from deforestation to oil spills. As an environmentally conscious company, we understand that our planets resources are limited, and while we do our best to minimise our carbon footprint like some other companies, we feel that we can exceed these minimal standards.

As such, Batten Professional Services is committed to protecting the environment of our planet by providing the following initiatives and services to our clients. Click on the images below to read more.

Secure e-Waste Destruction & Recycling

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Secure Document & Digital Media Destruction

E-waste (or electronic waste) can be any type of outdated or obsolete electronic appliance or device. Computer desktops, hard drives, mobile phones and monitors or televisions are all common examples of e-waste.


In this technology-driven age, the amount of e-waste is growing because the useful lifespan for devices and electronic products is getting shorter due to the complexity and ever increasing demands that applications place on the hardware.


The e-waste recycling service that we provide to our clients includes the dismantling of all devices to their core component materials (i.e. metal, plastic and circuitry). This ensures that after the components leave our workshop, no client data is at risk of being accidentally or maliciously recovered from any device.

Products described as canned air may seem harmless to the consumer, providing an easy way to clear dust from keyboards and other equipment. What many do not realize is that these cans of compressed air contain toxic gases which are used as propellants known as CFC's. These propellants represent a large array of environmental hazards, including (but not limited to) air pollution and ozone damage, explosions and the potentially deadly effects of inhalation.


To do our part for the environment, we do not use any canned air products. As a viable alternative our engineers use the O2 Hurricane Canless Air System when cleaning client equipment. This product does not use any CFC's when expelling air. Instead, it uses an electric motor recycling the existing air surrounding the unit when in use.

It is crucial to us that client data remains confidential and secure at all times. We are a licensed Confidential Document Destruction Agency through the New Zealand Ministry of Justice Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority, and provide a comprehensive secure destruction process of all data related media prior to recycling.


Our digital media destruction technique include the dismantling of all devices to their core component materials (i.e. metal, plastic and circuitry), and any device which cannot be disassembled is irrepairably destroyed. This ensures that after the components leave our workshop, no client data is at risk of being recovered from any device.

Supporting Our Community...

Batten Professional Services is committed to supporting social environments within our community by providing sponsorship and support to the following organisations and events:

If you have a community event or organisation which you would like us to support, please contact our office for more information on how to make this a reality.

Our Ethical & Healthy Economics...

Batten Professional Services is committed to providing our clients with economically and ethically sound advice and support. We validate these descisions though corporate partnerships with organisations within our industry, to which we hold ourselves accountable by way of their ethical codes of practice:

In addition to the above ethical codes and standards, we also encourage the health and well-being of our staff to ensure they are consistently performing at their peak through our "Healthy Bodies > Healthy Minds" initiative.

To ensure that our team is always functioning at maximum capacity we have implemented a personal health programme which we call "Healthy Bodies > Healthy Minds".


This programme includes a personal gym membership, which we encourage staff to use regularly, to promote a healthy cardiovascular system. In the event that a member of our team becomes injured or unwell, another component of the programme contains personal health insurance to ensure a speedy recovery. The final component of the programme is a five week per annum holiday package to ensure staff have adequate downtime to rejuvenate.

What Makes Batten Professional Services Different?

Batten Professional Services is a 100% New Zealand family owned and operated technology and security consulting company.

To us, our clients are an extension of our family, and as such you can rely on us for honest and appropriate advise when you need it most.

We provide all of our clients with a consistent service level that is second to none with friendly, knowledgeable and passionate staff.

Our dedicated team walk the talk and we have both customer references and independent accreditations to prove it.